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500 Rounds of 115gr MC 9mm Ammo


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9mm ammo that performs well with reliable feeding and ignition every time – that’s Remington.

In 1849, the man who would greatly influence the world of firearms was born. By 1867 he’d volunteered for the military and entered service as a Reserve Officer Cadet, but was soon promoted to Officer Cadet Corporal. It was right about then his skill for marksmanship caught the eye of his supervisor, and without hesitation he was sent to the Austro-Hungarian Military Firearms School. He became an instructor quickly, and it was while he was there he took an interest in automatic loading systems. In 1871 he moved to the military reserve and worked as an accountant, but he wasn’t done with firearms, and in 1875 he started designing them. And, finally, in 1901, Georg Luger created the cartridge that would so greatly influence the world of firearms: the 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum.

At 115 grain these are lightweight rounds that helps to keep your recoil down, so if you want to practice extensively, your hands won’t tire out as quickly. Lighter weight also means greater speed; these rounds are impressively fast with a muzzle velocity of 1145 feet per second. They’ll punch a good hole in your target, too, with a muzzle energy of 335 foot-pounds. This is MC – Metal Case – ammunition, which is Remington’s version of FMJ. It’s great for target practice, tactical training, and plinking, and because it’s designed to be non-corrosive, it’s easier on your gun’s barrel. Remington produces these in virgin brass cases with boxer primer, so they can be reloaded.

You get 500 target rounds in this box of ammunition. There are all kinds of things you can do with that much ammo: prepare for the zombie apocalypse, add to your stockpile, set it aside for later, or, our personal favorite, shoot it all up right now. Remington manufactures ammunition at their plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. All of their ammunition is produced to exceptionally high standards and meets SAAMI or CIP specifications. If you’ve got a 9mm, you’re always looking for ammo, face it, you already burned through the last case of target rounds you got. Go ahead, get some more. You know you want to.


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