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50 Rounds of 115gr FMJ 9mm Ammo


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Why is this 9mm ammo loaded with aluminum cases instead of brass? One simple reason: aluminum is cheaper than brass. If you’re a high-volume shooter or honoring a strict budget while enjoying your hobby, Blazer’s aluminum-cased ammo is poised to save you a significant bundle of dough!

This ammo is loaded with highly conventional bullets in spite of its unique shell casings. Blazer’s 115 grain FMJ has a lead core and non-magnetic gilding metal jacket, which are all it needs to feed like clockwork into any semi-auto’s chamber and keep its barrel cleaner in the long run. The lightweight bullet delivers a supersonic muzzle velocity and ballistic performance comparable to an analogous self-defense load, making it superb for training and target practice.

Although reliable, Blazer’s aluminum cases cannot be reloaded. Blazer actually loads this ammo with responsive and non-corrosive Berdan primers as a reminder not to bother trying to handload aluminum – the Berdan-pocketed case has two flash holes instead of one, thus making it incompatible with the Boxer primers commonly used for reloading!


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