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25 Rounds of 115gr JHP 9mm Ammo


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As Hornady says, “When lives are on the line, only the best will do.” Experienced self-defense shooters understand the importance of loading their personal carry weapon with hollow points. But even though HP’s are supposed to expand reliably on impact and perform well overall, there are too many cases where HP’s fail to feed or expand properly. Hornady’s solution to those problems is their Critical Defense FTX line. This ammunition is designed for superior performance, reliable feeding, and dependable, controlled expansion. When it comes to self-defense, shooters in the know turn to Hornady.

These rounds have FTX bullets, which are Hornady’s top-tier method for delivering a big wound track with deeper penetration. It provides rapid energy transfer and expands on impact, and thanks to an above-average-in-strength jacket, expansion is controlled and it has excellent weight retention. These are loaded with specially created powder to minimize muzzle flash and preserve your night vision. And if you’re in an extreme climate, you can rest assured Hornady designed this ammunition to perform in a wide range of temperatures.

At 115 grain these are quite lightweight, which lends to their muzzle velocity of 1,140 feet per second. Their muzzle energy is 332-foot pounds. There are 25 defense rounds in this box which is a good size for placing in your safe and just right for keeping your gun and a spare mag loaded for self-defense. All of Hornady’s products are and always have been manufactured in the United States at their plant in Grand Island, Nebraska. If you’re looking for an entirely new level of quality in self-defense ammunition, look no further. Place your order today and find out why countless marksmen load their personal carry weapons with Critical Defense.


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